Back Up and Running Again

So, long story short, I had set up this domain a couple of months ago when I saw that it was available again. I registered it with GoDaddy because they were offering a good deal. However, within 2 days I started getting inundated with spam emails, texts, and phone calls from web marketing scumbags offering SEO services and such. It was clear the GoDaddy had sold me out, so I almost immediately began the process of transferring the domain to, with whom Burn After Reading Press has resided for many years with nary a peep from spammers.

The process took a bit longer than it should have, but here we are now, with everything set up properly, and as of this moment all the game logs are current. What you see on this site comes pretty much directly from my Evernote account. Everything is 1 session behind, because each game when I read off the recap, there’s inevitably some tidbit of info that I missed that someone helpfully supplies, and I add it in before posting it up here.

Sometime in the next few weeks, Burn After Reading Press will likely go away, and this will be my only website. The end of an era, to be sure, but this is simpler (and cheaper) than maintaining both sites.