The Porcelain Dolls: Session 79 (August 21 2017)

[Shade and Penelope are still lost.]

Preparation for The Wholesale Upscale Blackmail Folktale, continued:

Gears and Constance thank Lady Drake for her time and show themselves out, and head directly for the canal to catch a gondola ride. It doesn’t take long before one of the Gondoliers comes along. Constance asks him to take them to see Lyla Mullaney. He takes them to a small dock in Six Towers, directs them to a tenement building, and tells them head up to the top floor and knock on the third door.

Constance and Gears head up the stairs. The door is answered by Conrad, a very short man (almost as short as Frake). He tells them to wait for a moment, closes the door, confers with someone, and the door is answered again by a woman who introduces herself as Lyla Mullaney, and invites them in.

Conrad pours a cider for Constance from the mini-bar, and they sit. They discuss business, and Constance discovers that Lyla and Sabine are old friends, which explains her willingness to help the Gondoliers. They agree that something needs to be done about the current situation. Lyla speculates that Sabine is home by now, and considers going to visit her.

Constance heads home, and tells Kobb he needs to talk to Santoli directly to find out where the squeeze is coming from. She advises him to take Gloves and invite Angelina to Marian’s social club. While Gloves is talking to the wife, Kobb can talk to Santoli.

Kobb and Gloves head to Santoli’s house in Nightmarket. The door is answered by the butler. He ushers them into a sitting room. The house has a similar layout to Lady Drake’s, but is rather more lavishly furnished. Tea is served while they wait.

It’s about ten minutes before Gomberto and his wife Angelina enter the room. Kobb mentions Marian’s charity organization, and invites Angelina to join her social circle. Gomberto attempts to wave them off at first, but his wife’s enthusiasm at the prospect gets the better of him, and he allows her to take Gloves into the other room to discuss the particulars.

Once they’re alone, Kobb speaks to Gomberto regarding his niece and the accompanying situation. He discovers that Gomberto is being blackmailed by Lord Walker Holland of the Ministry of Transportation, with information that, while untrue, would still be very damaging. Kobb is able to learn that Lord Holland has a house in Brightstone, and is a bit of a gambler.