The Porcelain Dolls: Session 80 (August 28 2017)

[Shade and Penelope are still lost.]

Preparation for The Wholesale Upscale Blackmail Folktale (continued):

That night, Kamali and Moira head over to Nighmarket and make their way across the rooftops to the Santolis’ house. They manage to disable the arcane alarm on the junction box, but it’s only a matter of time before it resets. Kamali notes that the building appears very new.

Kamali rigs up a rope and lowers herself down, opens one of the windows and climbs into the study, and heads back upstairs to let Moira in via the trap door on the roof. They bypass the servants’ quarters on the fourth floor and head down to the third.

There are four rooms on the third floor: The master bedroom (where Gomberto and Angelina are currently sleeping), Gomberto’s study, and two bedrooms, one of which is a guest room, and the other seems to be Angelina’s actual bedroom.

Kamali goes through the wife’s bedroom. She finds several books on sparkcraft and alchemy. She also reads through Angelina’s diary, and finds that she was a student at Charterhall University before her parents arranged the marriage to Santoli. Kamali leaves a coded message in the diary, directing Angelina to come to Kazima’s book store.

Moira goes through the study, accidentally breaking the lock on the rolltop desk in the process (the result of a Devil’s Bargain). She goes through the papers in the desk, but doesn’t find anything useful. Kamali joins her. She looks over the room, and finds something odd with the edge of the rug, just where it meets the bookshelf. She examines the bookshelves, and finds a hidden button, which causes the bookshelf to swing open, just enough for her to enter the room beyond. She finds it odd, as the gap would likely not admit Gomberto easily.

The room behind the bookshelf is tiny, and only contains a chair and a small table, upon which is a notebook, which is empty, but seveal pages have been ripped out. Kamali begins rubbing the blank page with the pencil, and sees the notes that someone was taking. It appears someone has been spying on Gomberto in his study. The notes are sentence fragments, but they pertain to the Gondoliers.

Kamali and Moira bring back the information they’ve found, and the group confers.

The Wholesale Upscale Blackmail Folktale:

The plan is to stage a fake armed robbery, round up all the servants to interrogate them, ostensibly to find out where the valuables are.

Engagement roll is a critical. Constance and Boots are dressed as window washers, and set up a scaffold on the neighboring house, and everyone rides that up.

When the crew gets to the roof, Moira and Kamali manage to disable the alarm system for good now. They enter the house. They quickly fan out and herd everyone in the house into the billiard room on the second floor. One by one, Constance and Kobb march the servants into an adjoining room to question them, while Boots, Kamali, Moira, and Gloves keep the rest under guard.

They start with the cook, then the butler. It’s obvious they don’t know anyting, but the crew was expecting that.

They pull all three maids in the room at once. Constance changes tactics, and goes all friendly. She questions them about valuables in the house, and mentions the words “secret room”, and Kob looks for tells.

Kobb identifies Doris as the spy. Boots looks out the window and says the Blucoats are incoming. Constance tells Doris that they’re nicked, grabs her and drags her with them as the crew hoofs it out the back door. Outside, they knock Doris out and make their exit down a manhole, as the Bluecoats charge in the front door of the house.