The Tomorrow Legion: Session 17 (August 24 2017)

Argyle and Johnny B spend some time conversing while the salvaging is going on in the evening. Wyoming interjects here and there, but once it becomes clear that Argyle is interested in recruiting Johnny for the Tomorrow Legion, she keeps her distance.

Puck pokes around the base and finds the base commander’s office. He discovers the supply schedule, and Gorman is able to pull the hard drive from the computer that has the base’s personnel files on it.

They herd the scientists and the deadboys into the barracks, and take turns keeping watch over them through the night.

Morning has broken. Everyone gears up and moves out of the base and back into the trees. Wyoming is out front in her Glitterboy armor, cutting a path with her sword, and dragging the makeshift sled holding the cargo pod with some chains the crew rigged up. The pod is full, but it’s damn heavy, so she’s moving really slow.

Wyoming asks Dr. Harris about the Broadkil’s stealth abilities. Dr. Harris says he doesn’t know how it works, as it’s an innate supernatural ability. He begins rambling about the various experiments he ran on it. He seems to almost admire it. She asks if he can control it, and he says not anymore. She considers putting him out front. Puck considers killing him right there.

Wyoming gives up on trying to see the creature, and starts tracking it instead, looking for signs of its passage amongst the trees.

The crew is trudging along while Harris relates the story of how the creature turned on them, killed a bunch of personnel, and ran off into the woods, and the base has been on high alert ever since. Argyle feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and he tells Harris to shut up. Everyone stops and looks around. Loyal sniffs the air and whispers that something is nearby.

Out of nowhere, a blast of energy lances out and hits Gorman. A moment later, Vasquez is ripped in half, and Frost is impaled on some extremely sharp blades. Harris screams like a little girl.

Before anyone else can react, it retreats. Burke and Hudson start firing full auto wildly, but Argyle tracks it up into the trees and takes a shot. He connects but fails to do any damage. Wyoming exits the Glitterboy so she can treat the wounded. Puck attempts to use Mind Control on the creature, but is not able to get a lock.

Vasquez and Frost are beyond help, but Wyoming is able to treat Gorman. He’s alive, but unconscious. She turns her attention to Harris, and she asks him why he did this. He says that “it’s” happening again, all sides are arming themselves.

Burke and Hudson are still freaking out, but Wyoming is able to calm them down. They go to deal with Vasquez and Frost. The team builds a litter for Gorman and straps him to the top of the cargo pod. Wyoming gets back into the Glitterboy, and they begin moving again. After some discussion, they tighten up their formation in an attempt to force it to close with them.

Argyle’s danger sense doesn’t go off, but the team is all on edge, so they do in fact see it coming. Puck can actually see it swooping in and reaching for Dr. Harris. Puck yells at him to duck and tackles him. Wyoming drops her sword and reaches out and grapples the creature. It attempts to break free, but she’s able to keep the hold. She yells at everyone to shoot it.

Puck uses Telekinesis to wrench a tree out of the ground and swing it at the creature, wounding it. It lets out a horrific wail, and (out of instinct more than anything else) drops the invisibility. This has an immediate effect. Johnny B panics and runs, Dr. Harris, Burke, and Hudson are all shaken. Argyle fires a 3-round burst at it, and manages to shake it. Wyoming attempts to cause crushing damage, but it doesn’t budge. Loyal fires her plasma ejector at it, but fails to do any damage. It laughs at her and croaks out in broken American that it was born in fire.

The creature continues to attempt to break the grapple, but remains held. Puck swings the remains of the tree at it, but fails to do any appreciable damage. Argyle fires again, but his pistol glitches. Wyoming does her absolute damndest to keep it in one place as everyone continues to concentrate fire on it.

The creature attempts to bring up its invisibility again, but Puck uses Mind Control to get it to stop struggling and drop the invisibility, and it works. Argyle fires another three-round burst, shaking it. Loyal follows up with a swipe from her vambraces. At this point it goes limp. Wyoming lets goes of it, and it falls to the ground. Dr. Harris is about to advise that someone finish it off when Wyoming retrieves her sword and deftly beheads it.

The team gathers themselves up and continues the slow trek to the rendezvous.