The Tomorrow Legion: Session 18 (September 07 2017)

The crew makes it to the rendezvous without further incident, and the pickup is right on time. The ride back is a bit subdued, though there is a little talk about who froze in terror at the sight of the monster, and who didn’t.

Wyoming gets a read on Loyal, and it seems like she’s alright.

Argyle gets a read on Johnny, and he’s the only one that actually seems to be in good spirits.

The planes comes in to land at the castle, and there’s a buzz of activity. There’s a trauma team waiting to pick up Gorman and take him to med bay. Wyoming goes with them. Loyal tells her she will meet her back at the room, she needs to check on Cat.

Puck’s PDA pings and he says he’ll catch up later.

Argyle keeps Johnny and Dr. Harris close to him and heads straight for Lt. Stevens.

Stevens tells Harris that he’s technically under arrest for war crimes. Harris understands, and hands over his case. A security detail takes him away.

Stevens shakes Argyle’s hands and says they’ll debrief in half an hour.

Argyle and Johnny head to The Officer’s Mess for a drink. Johnny is amazed to see all the pre-Rifts imagery all over the place; most of it is contraband in the Coalition. They grab a table and order a couple of beers, and Argyle gives him The Talk. He says that this isn’t a scam; the Legion are the real deal. The world has gone to shit, and these guys are the only ones doing anything to make it better.

They go to talk to Stevens. Argyle gives as thorough an account of the mission as he can.

Stevens grills Johnny B for a while, and Johnny gives a full account of his life and how he joined up with the Coalition.

Stevens expresses his reservations about Johnny, and says they’ll need to vet him a little more before he gives The Recruitment Speech. They’re dismissed.

Wyoming accompanies Gorman to the emergency room. When they get there, the tech crew already has the nutrient tank ready, so they strip him down, put the breathing mask on him, administer half a dozen injections, and lower him in. The doctor says he’ll be in for a couple of days.

Wyoming heads to Dr. Po’s office to check on her larva. Dr. Po says he is still working on replicating the jelly, so they’ve had to rely on the supply Wyoming brought with it in order to keep it fed.

Wyoming tells him about the recent developments among the residents of Valiant. Dr. Po wonders at the implications of this.

Dr. Po says he has something she can help him with, but there’s no rush. She pets the lava before excusing herself. She gets cleaned up and meets up with Loyal. She notes that Loyal has changed out of her armor.

They’re at dinner when her PDA pings with a message informing her of debriefing in 20 minutes.

They head to Stevens’ office, but find the door closed. Stevens shows up a few minutes later and ushers them in.

Stevens asks Wyoming about her people. She tells him about what life was like, and how she would have likely have trained under the village shaman if things hadn’t happened the way it did. She talks about how the Glitterboy was found. By right, it was her father’s as he was master of arms, and it would have passed to her brother but there was no time. She took possession of it because she was the only one left.

Stevens praises the diversity of her skills. He contrasts this with Mason, who was trained to do one thing all his life, even before he was put in the cyborg armor. However, he says she could do with improving her combat skills. He says he’s got a mission for her and her crew, but he’s still working on the logistics of it.

He also mentions the limitations of the boom gun, and advises adding a secondary ranged weapon. He gives her the option of an ion cannon or a heavy laser. She opts for the former.

Wyoming asks if they’ve heard anything about Mason, and Stevens says that he’s not back yet, but he’s still within mission parameters, so no need to worry yet.

Wyoming mentions selling the salvage, and Stevens says that normally, all salvage collected during a mission should be handed over to the Legion.

Stevens mentions that while training is the preferred method of self-improvement, they do have several talented cyberneticists around. Wyoming says she never considered it before.

Argyle and Wyoming run into each other when they go to get paid. In addition to their normal weekly pay, they each receive a bonus of $45,000. They’re convinced it’s a mistake, so Argyle messages Stevens, who replies and says it’s not a mistake, it’s the mission bonuses and hazard pay they were owed for the last three missions.

The next morning, Wyoming gets a message that she’s been pulled out of the motor pool and assigned to the med bay, where she’s put to work with Dr. Po.

Argyle reports to the motor pool, and there’s no shortage of repair work. Thiel is assigned as Argyle’s assistant.