The Tomorrow Legion: Session 19 (September 14 2017)

Sheriff Tyler Dunn (a Crazy) and Lady Willa (a Cyber Knight) are riding in a jeep, heading back to rendezvous with their associate Skin (a Juicer), and they’re passing by the outskirts of a town out in the wilderness when they hear the report of a large cannon, and the subsequent hollow sound of the projectile connecting with something metal.

Mason has just been hit by a cannon round, and he’s not happy. He makes for cover, switches on his loudspeaker, and orders them to surrender.

Sheriff can hear an amplified voice speaking, but they’re too far away for him to make out what they’re saying. They move in to investigate.

Mason scans around for his attacker, and he can just about make out something under heavy cover, at what he deems to be the very extreme edge of his gun’s range. He begins to close the distance between them, dashing between cover. He can hear the sound of the cannon again, a tree right beside him explodes, and he’s hit again. This time it hurts (1 Wound, and Shaken). He scrambles down an embankment to ward off further shots.

Sheriff and Willa can hear the second cannon shot, and at this range, they can clearly see where it came from, and roughly where the target is. Willa jumps out of the jeep and heads into the remains of the town, climbing up on the first thing that affords her a view of the surrounding area, while Sheriff turns the wheel hard and drives around the buildings in the center of town to come at the target from the opposite side from the cannon. Willa spots the tank out in the treeline, and a full-conversion borg hunkered down in a ravine. She also sees the sigil of the Tomorrow Legion on his chest. She yells at him to stay down. He does so, but he takes aim at the tank.

Sheriff confirms with Willa that they have a friendly out there, and continues skirting around the edge of the town, intending to come up alongside Mason so he can get in, and then peel out. Meanwhile, Willa begins moving through the town to close with the tank. Mason unloads full auto on the tank, and can hear the rounds connecting. Afterward, he can hear the roar of the tank’s engine, but it has an almost animal quality to it.

The jeep pulls up, and Mason can see the grin on Sheriff’s face and the telltale metal plugs sticking out from under his cowboy hat that identify him as a Crazy. He also sees the hand-carved metal star pinned to his duster, with “Sheriff” scratched into it. He tells Mason to get in so they can approach from a more advantageous angle. At that moment, they both see Willa charging directly at the tank with her glowing swords drawn.

At that moment, the tank springs to life, turns and peels out away from the town. Sheriff gives chase, following the very clear path being blazed by the tank. However, Sheriff is no Argyle, and before long they begin to lose ground, and the jeep is definitely taking a beating from the rough terrain. Mason jumps out and begins running.

Sheriff pulls over and waits for Willa. They follow the trail, and before long they catch up with Mason. They make introductions and sync radios as they continue on. Willa has a good idea of where the tank is headed next, as the town of Ridgefield is not too far off. She speculates that it might be some kind of field test.

As they approach Ridgefield, they can see more wreckage, but no smoke, so whatever happened here happened quite a while ago. Dozens of bodies litter the streets. The crew is surprised to see that amongst the dead villagers, there are also the remains of Coalition soldiers and Skelebots, as well as bandits and mercenaries.

They can see the path of the tank head straight through the town, and almost too late, they see the tank sitting on the far edge of the town. It takes aim and fires, and Sheriff & Willa just barely manage to jump clear as the jeep explodes.

As everyone is recovering, they can see the Skelebots begin to get to their feet and shamble towards them (many of them are already heavily damaged). Willa steps forward and uses Cybernetic Denial to shut down two of them outright.

The tank takes aim and fires, and hits Mason for another Wound. Skelebots open fire on Mason with laser rifles, and fail to do any damage.

Three Skelebots fire at Sheriff, but only one hits, shaking him.

Willa closes with the tank, using the debris as cover, and the tank does likewise. It also fires its light railguns at her, but misses.

Sheriff takes a couple of shots, downing a Skelebot and shaking another. Skelebots continue to fire at Mason, and continue to fail to do any damage. Mason fires at the tank, shaking it. Again, everyone can hear the tank’s engine roar, and it sounds almost animal.

Mason fires on the tank again, but fails to inflict damage. Skelebots fire at Sheriff, but all miss. A Skelebot fires a rocket at Mason, it bounces and lands in the burnt out building that Sheriff is using as cover, and Sheriff takes that as his cue to get the hell out of there. He hops over the low wall and zips over to another burnt out building that isn’t about to collapse.

The Skelebots concentrate fire on Sheriff, firing full auto. Sheriff dances around, dodging the shots, laughing maniacally all the while. However, he gets a little too cocky, and sticks his ass out, and gets shot for his trouble, taking one Wound. He gets serious, shrugs off the shaken, and returns fire, shaking one of them. Willa closes with the tank, and jumps up on top of it. She slaps her hand on the main cannon and attempts to use Cybernetic Denial to shut it down, but she can feel a presence push back.

The Skelebots continue firing at Sheriff, and once again, one gets a lucky shot, but this time it fails to do any damage. The tank continues forward back into the town, its turret swinging wildly to attempt to knock Willa off, but she dodges around it. She slashes at the railguns and the hatch on top with her sword, but fails to do any damage. Sheriff fires at another Skelebot and downs it. Mason runs up on the tank.

Sheriff kills another Skelebot, still laughing his ass off. Mason and Willa grab the hatch and wrench it open. They are confronted with a palpable animal stench from inside, and they instinctively look away before the sight of the monstrosity inside tears their brains apart. The Skelebots continue to rain down fire on Sheriff, and cause another Wound. The tank is able to throw Willa off, but not before she’s able to bestow Smite on Mason’s gun. He fires full auto into the open cockpit of the tank, and there’s an immediate effect. The tank explodes, and Mason is thrown off.

The remaining Skelebots all collapse. Sheriff takes the opportunity to celebrate by reciting a mangled version of the Miranda rights.