The Tomorrow Legion: Session 20 (September 21 2017)

Wyoming and Argyle have some downtime. Some of it’s spent working in the med bay and the motor pool, respectively, and then they take a few days to head out and do some camping.

One evening, they’re frying up some fish they caught in a nearby stream when the radio squelches. This is odd, as they’re just out of range of the castle. They hear a familiar voice looking for the Legion. They answer, and it turns out to be Krieg and some of his buddies in teh Go Fasta Krew. Wyoming gives him their location, and they’re not far away.

The Go Fasta Krew converges on their location, and it’s obvious that it’s not all of them, just a scouting party. Wyoming and Argyle can hear them long before they can see them. Amongst the familiar vehicles is a new one, a converted fire engine. Krieg greets them warmly. Argyle is proud to show off his bike’s new paint job. He asks what brings them out this way, and Krieg says they’ve had a misadventure of sorts.

Krieg says he’s the chief now (though Oogluk is still High Chief), and that he’s come to the realization that if Orcs should be free, so should everyone else. To that end, they’ve begun liberating other DBs (and he introduces some of the new recruits, which include a couple of lizard men). He also says that they’ve attracted the attention of the Men in the Skull Suits, who don’t like what they’re doing.

Wyoming is quick to offer to help. Argyle asks who attacked first. Krieg said that the Coalition did, but it was while the Krew were in the process of liberating some Orcs at the time. They’ve had a few run-ins since, but they’ve been lucky so far. Argyle agrees to help as well. This is the reaction the Orcs were hoping for, so they’re very happy. The rest of the evening is spent in celebration.

In the morning, Argyle and Wyoming awaken to find Krieg sitting with his war party. Wyoming says she has a weapon that will help, but it’s back at the castle. Krieg says they probably have a couple of days before the Coalition catches up with them. Wyoming advises against the whole Krew rolling up on the castle. Krieg says he will take his truck, and the rest will go back to camp. Krieg tells the story of how he found the fire truck in the ruins of an old city, and he says he knows Margoth led them there, because the building was red, and the truck was red. He also mentions that there’s a tank for liquid, and he demonstrates by pouring a beer from the fire hose.

Wyoming, Argyle, and Krieg arrive at the castle. Wyoming has radioed ahead to give them advance notice that they’re heading in with visitors. When they pull up to the gate, the lead guard Gordon is not sure what to make of Krieg. For his part, Krieg is happy to meet new people, and gives Gordon a big bear hug. The tension is broken, and Wyoming heads inside while Argyle waits with the Orcs and the guards at the gate. Wyoming goes straight to the loading bay where her Glitterboy is stowed and parks her bike. She can see the modifications she requested have been made. Beebo gives her a quick rundown of the modified systems and the new weapon, a medium ion cannon. She fires up the armor and heads out.

Krieg and his guys very nearly lose their shit when they see the Glitterboy stomping out of the castle and down the side of the mountain. Wyoming climbs onto the side of the fire truck, and they head back out.

When they get to the Go Fasta Krew’s main camp, Wyoming and Argyle realize that the Krew is a lot bigger than the last time they saw them. Krieg shows off the Mad Boy, an Orc that’s been strapped to a board, and they realize it’s a Mind Melter. Just as Krieg had said, they can see that many of the newer members are not Orcs but other DBs. One of Krieg’s lieutenants comes up to him and informs him of another group of pinkskins using Orcs as slave labor. Krieg suspects it’s a Coalition trap, but is confident that they can deal with it. He gives to order for everyone to mount up and head out, and the roar of the engines is utterly deafening.

The Krew is approaching a mining camp at the base of a mountain. They can see a sizable force of mercenaries arrayed in front of the mine entrance. Krieg confers with Wyoming, Argyle, and his lieutenants. Wyoming points out that she can attack with the boom gun from over a mile away. She suggests collapsing the mine entrance to separate the workers from the actual hostiles, but Krieg advises against it as it will be more difficult to dig out the workers afterward. He’s prepared for the fact that they will lose some of the workers, their mission is to save as many as they can.

The Plan: Argyle will lead a smaller group as an advance strike team, to draw the enemy’s fire and lead them to believe that a much smaller force is attacking. Wyoming will set up a good distance away and begin firing on the camp, while the rest of the Krew rolls right up on them as a second wave. Krieg will keep his truck with her. Once the boom gun can’t fire without hitting their own, she’ll jump on the truck and they’ll zoom in to join the rest.

Once Argyle and his strike team get within range, the mercenaries mount up and open fire with railguns. There’s some minor damage, but the strike team comes through it alright. They return fire, but fail to score any hits. Argyle opens fire with his heavy laser cannon, and shreds one of the enemy vehicles. Wyoming fires the boom gun at a reserve group of vehicles, blows up seven of them outright, and the rest are visibly dismayed and shaken. And that’s when the rest of the Krew rolls in.

Argyle’s strike team fires again, and manages to do a little damage this time. Argyle himself is not so lucky, and his shot misses by a mile. Wyoming levels off another shot, and destroys another 6 vehicles in the reserves. The rest of the Krew moves in to mop up. They damage a number of the vehicles, destroying one outright. The advance group of mercenaries fires and hits Argyle. The shot rips through one of the jets, and he very nearly loses control. The bike will definitely need to be repaired. In addition, three of his strike team are destroyed.

The remaining reserve mercenaries fire on the Krew’s second wave, and manage to destroy one of them. Wyoming fires at the reserve group again, and destroys them completely. Argyle begins weaving back and forth to make it harder to hit him, and takes another shot. This one hits home and destroys one of the mercenaries outright.

The workers have become aware of what’s going on, and emerge from the mines to assist. However, the Coalition forces have also arrived.