The Tomorrow Legion: Session 27 (November 30 2017)

After saying their goodbyes to the Simvan, the crew heads to Edgemore, the town specified by Anderson. It’s actually quite sizable, and there’s a wall with guards. Anderson and his people have also just arrived, and the crew can see that they are regulars here; there’s a palpable sense of familiarity. Anderson mentions that there’s some business they have to take care of, but will meet at the local saloon (The Three Ladies) afterward.

The crew parks the wagon just inside, and the crew is checked out by the local constabulary. They are allowed inside the town after promising they won’t cause any trouble. They head to the Three Ladies and grab a table.

It’s not too long before Anderson’s team arrives. Wyoming goes to play darts. Anderson and Argyle share a friendly but guarded conversation before Anderson moves off to the dartboard, leaving Argyle and Mason to chitchat with Stalker and the rest of the team.

Anderson and Wyoming flirt over darts, which leads to more drinks, which leads to him taking her out for a spin in the power armor. Wyoming has never flown before, so this is a completely new experience. They get to talking, and eventually the conversation comes around their respective allegiances. Anderson admits that his team his been out in the wild long enough that most of them can’t really go back. Wyoming makes a case for them joining up with the Legion. He says that they still believe in the mission of the Coalition, even if they don’t agree with their methods.

Wyoming asks why the Coalition slaughtered her family, and Anderson is at a loss to explain that. She says she wasn’t supposed to pilot the Glitterboy, it was supposed to be her father’s, and one day her brother’s, but they never got the chance.

Argyle and Sanchez confer over what maps they have, which only cover the area they’ve already traversed; part of Sanchez’ mission is to map the way west as they go. They agree that they should take advantage of civilization while they’re there and stay the night in town. Loyal doesn’t understand the idea of her own room, so she ends up back on the wagon, along with Mason, who doesn’t want to be away from his charging station. Wyoming ends up staying the night with Anderson.

The next morning, Sanchez and Johnny go to resupply. Sanchez says he’s spoken to the locals, and gotten word that they have a big stretch of desert ahead of them, so they’re stocking up on what he thinks they’ll need.

The crew gears up and heads out. The tall grasses soon give way to flat sand.

It’s not too long before Sanchez gets on the radio and lets everyone know they’ve got company: a small army comprised of several cars and bikes of a dizzying variety of designs and colors. Sanchez pulls a lever and a blast shield swings down over the windshield as he flips down a visor with a flatscreen HUD.

Wyoming takes a shot at one of the vehicles from the window of the cab, and does some damage. Mason takes aim with the railgun, and obliterates a motorcycle. The passenger on another bike flings something at the wagon with a sling, it hits the side of the truck and sticks there, and a moment later it explodes. Sanchez is able to keep control. The top of one of the cars opens up, and a passenger emerges and hurls a green fireball in Mason’s direction, but he shrugs it off. Another raider levels a rifle that glows as he fires at the driver’s side door. The gunners of several of the other cars take shots at the truck, but they bounce off the armor. One of the raiders brings out a strange circular object which begins spinning and flies away from him and zooms under the trailer. It explodes a second later. Puck clutches at his head and collapses in pain in the crew quarters. Argyle tells Johnny to man the rear doors, gets on his bike and guns it out the back, and pulls a quick bootlegger turn to come up behind the vehicles. Johnny runs for the doors, but Loyal stops him from closing both, and they begin firing out the back, but soon find it untenable. Behind everything is another vehicle that’s at least twice as wide as the truck, and considerably taller. Sitting atop it is a reptilian figure with metallic plugs in its head.

Johnny and Loyal get the rear doors closed and head back to the crew quarters to use the gun ports. One of the raiders takes another shot with the sling, but it goes wide and explodes in the sand. Raiders begin to try scaling the trailer. Argyle takes aim and obliterates a car behind the truck. Wyoming takes a shot at a car, but fails to inflict appreciable damage. Mason wheels the railgun around and fires at a raider that made it to the top of the trailer, and turns him into a red mist. Just then Mason feels something sail toward him and stick to him. He has just enough time to get a good look at it before it explodes. Fortunately, it’s not enough to actually damage him. One of the cars manages to maneuver around behind Argyle and get in a shot at him, which hits home. He’s hurt pretty bad, but manages to keep it together. He makes a hard right to get out from in front of the car, and takes aim at another one, bisecting it. Wyoming swings out from the passenger side door and climbs up on top of the trailer. Johnny takes aim out the gun port and damages a car enough to send it careening off to the side. Mason takes another shot and explodes another car, and gets out of the way so Wyoming can scramble down into the trailer.

Sanchez gets on the radio and tells everyone to peel off anyone who’s on the truck, he sees something up ahead and he’s making for it as fast as possible. As soon as Wyoming gets into the trailer, she begins firing up the Glitterboy while Loyal mans the back door. Mason goes after the raider that was hanging on the side and lobbing sticky grenades at him. In one swift movement he draws his vibrosword and cuts him in half. One of the cars veers in front of the truck as the driver & passenger dive out of the way. Fortunately, Sanchez is able to see it in time to drop the cowcatcher, and the truck smashes through. Argyle pulls ahead and obliterates another bike. Johnny fires at a car and manages to scratch the paint. Mason is able to follow up with a shot from the railgun that explodes it. The remaining car pulls up alongside Argyle, and the passenger pulls out a large metal pipe with spikes on it, and he takes a swing but misses by a mile. A guy on the one remaining bike lobs another grenade, but it sails right over the truck and lands on the other side. From the monstrosity behind them, several large fireballs are launched from goddamn catapults. One of them lands squarely on the trailer. Sanchez is able to keep control of the truck. Argyle taps the brakes for just a moment, and once the last car sails ahead of him, he fires and disables it. He gives the driver the finger as he zooms past. Wyoming opens the back doors and jumps out. She manages to land on her feet, and immediately hits the anchors and takes aim at the monstrosity.

Argyle lines up a shot on the last bike, and takes it out. Wyoming fires at the monster truck. As the shell hurtles toward the truck, the figure on top jumps forward, there’s a crackling of electricity around him, and as the shell impacts on the truck and completely shreds it, he somersaults and lands on the ground with two axes. A host of additional vehicles approaches from behind and swarms around him, but he locks eyes on Wyoming, Argyle, and the truck. Sanchez slows down and Argyle covers Wyoming while she climbs back in the truck and shuts the doors.

On the move again, they can see the outline of a settlement on the horizon.