The Tomorrow Legion: Session 28 (December 07 2017)

Wyoming scrambles into the trailer and gets out of the Glitterboy as soon as she can. She’s got her medic armor on by the time that Argyle maneuvers the bike into the trailer and Loyal gets the doors shut. Sanchez guns it as Wyoming goes to work on Argyle. She manages to get him stabilized and sedates him to keep him from injuring himself more.

Everyone can feel the truck slowing down, and Sanchez calls for Argyle. Wyoming says he’s out cold at the moment, and heads up front to speak in his stead.

The truck has stopped in front of a large set of metal gates. The surrounding wall looks as if it has been rebuilt from scrap on more than one occasion. There are several armed guards, all wearing white (or as close as they can get out in the wasteland).

The guards address Wyoming sternly, but she responds with a friendly demeanor. Mason jumps down from the railgun, which makes the guards nervous, but when he puts his hands up, they relax a little. The raiders are mentioned, and Wyoming points out the gigantic explosion behind them. The guards order the gate opened, and Sanchez edges the truck inside.

The leader, Garrett, emerges and tells everyone to stand down. He’s the only one not wearing any headgear, and the first thing that everyone notices is that his eyes are a striking blue in blue. Wyoming greets him, and says they’ve got wounded aboard. Garrett directs Sanchez to a spot he can park the truck.

They bring Argyle and Puck in to what Garrett identifies as the infirmary. The attendants are a man and woman who introduce themselves as Merrick and Alex, and their eyes are the same color as Garrett’s. In the doorway, Mason catches snippets of an argument outside between Garrett and two other locals. Wyoming checks on Puck; he’s awake, but not lucid. He’s babbling incoherently, and the closest thing to this that Wyoming has experience with is a migraine. She sedates him, and he fades off to sleep. She asks Mason to stand watch over them. She addresses the medics and asks them to keep Puck comfortable until she gets back. She asks about their eyes, and they say it’s a side effect of living near the mines. She thanks them and heads outside.

Wyoming approaches Garrett and the woman he was speaking with. Wyoming greets them, but the woman’s reply is curt; she still doesn’t trust them. Garrett introduces her as Jenna. Wyoming invites them onto the wagon, and offers them water. Garrett asks what happened, and Mason links up his video feed to replay the footage of the battle. When they see the destruction of the bandit leader’s truck, they become concerned. Garrett starts at the beginning. He explains about the product that the town produces, a drug called Spice. They extract it from the mine and refine it, and it grants limited psionic abilities. He says that the raiders are spiceheads, former customers that have turned on them, and are trying to starve them out by attacking anyone that comes near. He identifies their leader as Croc.

Wyoming finds it hard to grasp the concept of a community that’s not self-sufficient, but offers to help in any way she can. Garrett says he needs to talk to his people, and Wyoming suggests they reconvene after supper.

Wyoming finds Johnny and Sanchez working on cleaning up the truck, and offers to help. Mason spends the day standing guard in the infirmary. When Wyoming returns, she brings Argyle around, and gives him the rundown on what’s happened. She tells him to take it easy for a while, and he agrees.

Argyle goes to speak with Garrett. They talk strategy, and Garrett shows him the mine. Unfortunately there is not much tactical advantage to be had there, as it’s just a hole in the ground. The townspeople have two choices: stay or leave. Argyle says the crew will back whatever option Garrett wants.

One of the locals comes running up to Garrett, and informs him that Deke and a couple of the guys said they’ve had enough and they took off. Mason gets on the radio to Wyoming, and she converges with Argyle at the bikes. Argyle tells Garrett to climb aboard, but he declines. Argyle says he needs someone from the community, as he and Wyoming are outsiders. Jenna goes instead. They head out the back gate and follow the trail left by Deke and his buddies in their dune buggies.

By the time Argyle and Wyoming are in visual range, there are six raider vehicles bearing down on the dune buggies from behind. Argyle radios back to Mason and says they’ll need backup, so Sanchez fires up the truck. Wyoming moves right up behind one of the lead vehicles and fires her laser cannon to disable it. Two of the neighboring vehicles turn their mounted guns and open fire on her, but miss by a mile. Argyle takes a shot at the vehicle closest to the dune buggies to peel them off, and neatly bisects it. On the back of Argyle’s bike, Jenna takes aim with her rifle and fires at one of the raiders. The shot hits home, and perforates the engine block, and the car spins out.

Wyoming takes a shot at another car and sends it spinning out of control, careening in front of one of his buddies, leaving two cars. Jenna fires at one of them, shaking it, and Argyle finishes it off. The last vehicle begins to veer off to flee, but the gunner takes one last shot at Argyle, narrowly missing him. Jenna fires back, but misses. Fortunately, Sanchez and Mason have arrived in the truck. Mason fires the railgun, and shreds the car as it retreats. Wyoming and Argyle pull up alongside the dune buggies and signal to them to turn around.