The Tomorrow Legion: Session 29 (December 21 2017)

Wyoming, Argyle, and Jenna have caught up with Deke and his buddies out in the wilderness.

Wyoming questions them as to where they were planning on going. Deke says they were making for Somerset. Wyoming asks if they were likely to be let in with the bandits on their tail. Deke says they didn’t know they were going to be ambushed. Wyoming sees that they’ve been sufficiently cowed by the whole encounter, so she lets up. Everyone turns around and heads back to the town.

Once they’re inside the walls, Wyoming marches everyone into the infirmary. Puck is awake, but he’s still recovering. Merrick and Alex are glad for the help in treating the wounded. Afterward, she talks to Puck. He says he thinks something is in the air that’s affecting him. She tells him about the spice and its abilities. He says there’s something wrong about the raiders. He contrasts it with the feeling he got back in Valiant. He asks for a painkiller to knock out the last of the headache.

The team convenes, and they discuss how to proceed. Johnny retrieves Garrett, who gives them information on the mining operation. Garrett says that “mine” is a bit of a misnomer, they have crawler vehicles that detect the raw product in the ground, and they simply dig a hole to retrieve it, then haul it back to the town for refining. He mentions that several of the vehicles have gone missing recently.

The team formulates a plan to make it look like they are leaving the town, then wait for the raiders to descend on the place. Sanchez will drive the wagon, and Johnny will man the railgun if necessary. The rest will take up inconspicuous positions around the town and ambush the raiders once they’re inside the gates.

Puck has some questions for Garrett about the drug, and he gives a very detailed explanation. Wyoming prepares to take a dose of it, and asks Puck to babysit her for the duration. She feels the effects almost immediately, and learns to her great surprise that the ability that she has spontaneously manifested is the power of flight. She and Puck spend some time flying around the camp.

It’s not too long before Johnny manages to convince Argyle to try it as well. He takes a pill, and settles in. He discovers that he has developed a clairvoyant ability, which he immediately puts to use looking for the raiders. After casting about in the desert for a couple of hours, he comes across their camp. He discovers that there are a hell of a lot more of them than he was expecting. The camp is sprawling, and even in the middle of the night there’s a lot of activity. He notices the missing mining vehicles, as well as the accompanying townspeople, currently strung up but still alive. Then one of the inhabitants notices him, makes a gesture, and Argyle finds himself slammed back into his body. He lights a cigar and has a drink, and explains what he saw, including the fact that the raider camp is a lot closer to the town than he’d prefer. The team decides to move up their timetable. Sanchez and Johnny fire up the wagon and head out of town.

Wyoming takes up a position just inside the gates, fires her anchors, and takes aim with the boom gun. Argyle delineates the radius of the Glitterboy’s shockwave, and advises everyone to stay out of it. Loyal mans one of the heavy guns on the wall. Argyle stashes his bike near the gate so he can zip out when necessary.

Sure enough, before long there is a large dust cloud on the horizon, and everyone can hear a voice in their heads declare, “your protectors have abandoned you.”