The Tomorrow Legion: Session 30 (December 28 2017)

The team has taken up positions around the mining camp. Wyoming is ready to fire the boom gun as soon as Mason opens the gate.

Once the gate is open, everyone can see that most of the raider vehicles have prisoners strapped to the front. This does not deter Wyoming from firing. She hears a voice in her head telling her to shoot at the combat cyborg, but she manages to fight through it and follow through with her original intention to fire at two of the smaller vehicles, taking both of them out in one shot. In response, three of the rear vehicles fire jury-rigged missile launchers at her. The missiles hit home, but only one manages to do any appreciable damage.

The largest vehicle pulls up to the wall, the door opens, and Croc jumps out and leaps atop the wall, killing the nearest guard in one shot. Wyoming fires at one of the rear vehicles, shredding it. Mason gets on the radio and says to stop firing at the vehicles with prisoners, and tells Puck to try and peel off as many of the prisoners as he can. Argyle takes a shot at Croc, but fails to do any damage.

Puck gets on the radio and says that he has to find the telepath and stop him, otherwise they’re all going to end up shooting each other. Mason fires at a bus, targeting the tires. The bus skids out, coming to rest in the path of one of the other vehicles. Wyoming takes aim, and is again assaulted by the voice in her head telling her to shoot at Mason. This time, she is unable to resist it, and she levels a shot at him, hitting him squarely in the back. Argyle drops his pistol and draws his ion rifle to take another shot at Croc, but misses by a mile. One of the vehicles careens around the disabled bus, intent on running Mason down, but ends up zipping right past him. Croc runs along the top of the wall, mowing down guards along the way. The two remaining missile launchers fire again. One hits the wall, and the other hits Wyoming, destroying her ion cannon. The guns mounted on top of the bus turn and fire on Mason, but fail to do any damage.

Wyoming manages to get unshaken, but needs to take a moment to collect herself. Mason fires at the car zooming past him. Argyle fires at Croc again and misses again. Mason is hit with a wave of vertigo. Everyone hears a voice in their head telling them to surrender.

Wyoming is compelled to shoot Mason again. This time he’s got cover from the town wall, so he fares a bit better, but it still hurts. Sanchez gets on the radio and says they’re on their way back. The missile launchers fire again, and one hits Wyoming again, but they fail to do any damage. Argyle begins to take aim at Croc.

Everyone hears Puck’s voice as he says “Found him.” Mason gets out of Wyoming’s firing arc, and fires full auto at Croc, and the bullets spark off his armor. It does get Croc’s attention, and he turns to regard Mason. Argyle fires at Croc again and hits, but his ion rifle does no damage. Having no friendly targets in Wyoming’s firing arc, the telepath compels her to do nothing.

Argyle changes tactics and begins firing at the bandits pouring through the gate, shaking one of them. Croc switches from his axes to his railgun and fires at Mason, but misses by a mile.

Argyle takes a shot at another bandit and shakes it. Mason draws his sword and closes with the bandits at the gate. Wyoming is again compelled to do nothing. Croc mows down some more villagers. One of the bandits approaches Argyle, and her arms sprout tentacles. Argyle panics and retreats. Loyal jumps in the fray, attacking bandits with her vambraces, downing one.

Mason swings at a couple of bandits as they rush past him, shredding one. He follows up with a wild swing, slicing another in half. Argyle comes to his senses, comes back around the corner, and fires at tentacle bandit, bringing her down. Sanchez and Johnny arrive in the wagon. Wyoming, her head clear now, fires at the tank, setting off a chain reaction inside, destroying it. Two bandits are caught in her shockwave, but they are able to keep their footing.

Argyle fires at another bandit and downs them. Mason rushes for one of the turrets on the wall. Puck’s voice comes through again, thoroughly exhausted (and possibly injured): “Got ’em.” Loyal shreds another bandit. Johnny swings the railgun around and fires at Croc, causing severe cracks in his armor. This provokes a definitive reaction as he leaps from the wall to the top of the wagon, levels his gun at Johnny point-blank and fires. Johnny is shaken. Wyoming fires at one of the missile launchers, shredding it. Additionally, the bandits in range of the shockwave are knocked out.

Argyle jumps on his bike, swings it around, and takes a shot at Croc, but misses by a mile. Croc steps forward, reaches down and grabs Johnny by the collar, and hauls him bodily out of the cupola, tossing him toward the wall like a rag doll. One of the bandits runs up to Argyle to take a swipe at him with a lead pipe, shaking him. Sanchez slams on the brakes, but Croc is able to keep his footing on top. Loyal struggles with another bandit, but neither can gain any ground. Mason takes control of one of the heavy guns on the wall.

Wyoming fires at the last missile launcher, destroying it. Loyal shakes the bandit. Johnny has recovered, and takes a shot at a nearby bandit, but fails to do any damage. Sanchez slams the wagon into reverse, sending Croc tumbling off and sending him sprawling in front of the cab. Mason fires at the bandit beating on Argyle, shredding him.

The remaining bandit vehicles all stop, and the bandits begin chanting “Pyre! Pyre! Pyre! Pyre!”